About Our Products


The versatile Viajecito beach totes are made of durable EVA foam rubber. Each tote comes with a removable zipped canvas lining, and interchangeable braided rope handles.


The Viajecito Splashkit is the newest addition to the product catalogue. It is made from waterproof silicone rubber, and a water resistant zipper. The Splashkit is perfect to put your sunblock, phone, and other valuables for a beach getaway, or to put your cosmetics while traveling. 

Our alpargatas are handmade in Venezuela. These vibrant shoes are available in an assortment of colors for you to choose from. 


Originating from Mexico, these leather slip-on shoes are delicately hand-woven and dyed with eco-friendly vegetable dye. Available in multicolored designs or solid colors with laces in EUR sizes 35 to 40. 


These customized earrings were made entirely by hand by a local artist in Verona. This collection features dainty and delicate Italian needlework in chic and contemporary designs. 


Handcrafted in Chiapas, these embroidered statement earrings were made by local artisans in the Chiapas Region of Mexico. Each pair is unique and one of a kind.

We see to it that we provide you with only the best quality of products. Due to the nature of production, however, it is normal to see some slight variation in color, design, pattern, shape and texture of our goods. These are not considered defects and are inherent features attributable to the molds and machinery used. The photographs found in the website may likewise slightly differ from the actual products due to lighting.