Monthly Archives: October 2017

  1. Viajecito PH Travel Bags

    Loving my new weekend bag from Viajecito PH. Water resistant, super cute, and fits everything I need!

  2. No Fuss Travel: What to bring on your next beach trip

    So you’re all set planning for your next big adventure. From your passport, hotel, and even a well-planned itinerary. Finding the right items to bring for your next trip can be a challenge and we’re here to help! We’ve listed some essentials you can pack so you’re sure to have a fun, fuss-free travel.

  3. Stylish And Versatile Bags You Can Use Every Single Day

    Accessories have always been the punctuation mark to our daily OOTDs, and bags are no exception. But we want purses that are stylish AND functional. Here's a list of double-duty bags we love:

  4. Viajecito: Made Especially For Your Weekends

    Living in the tropics, one can never have enough of the sea, sand and sun. The bipolar weather that we’ve already gotten used to gives us no excuse to look and feel dull so the search for something bright and light to make us feel a little closer to the beach has always been there. We discovered an upcoming local brand Viajecito, which means ‘little trip’ in Spanish that would definitely find its way to the summer lovers in the country.