Living in the tropics, one can never have enough of the sea, sand and sun. The bipolar weather that we’ve already gotten used to gives us no excuse to look and feel dull so the search for something bright and light to make us feel a little closer to the beach has always been there. We discovered an upcoming local brand Viajecito, which means ‘little trip’ in Spanish that would definitely find its way to the summer lovers in the country.

Viajecito (pronounced bya-heh-see-toe) is a mix of trendy and classy pieces that promises to be fun and functional at a very reasonable price point. “Originally, we wanted to find unique items that you can bring on short, out of town trips. A memorable trip is all about the experience. Our accessible pricing (bags at P3,000 each and shoes at P2,800 per pair) allows travelers to spend on their experience and still be incredibly chic”, said Pia Ugarte, one of the co-founders of Viajecito. “The bags and huaraches that we sell are actually the only products of their kind in the Philippines for now!” added Ugarte.

Travel and fashion inspired founders Marta Garcia-Morera, Marla Batallones and Pia Ugarte to work together. Garcia-Morera, who is based in Madrid, Spain, is in constant hunt for new finds to add to their collection while Ugarte and Batallones handle the operations and marketing side in the Philippines. Thanks to technology, they are able to handle business smoothly through Whatsapp, Skype and email.

The bags are made from durable EVA foam rubber, giving it its stiff, waterproof quality. The bag also has a slight bit of texture, making the shell quite unique from the usual smooth and translucent silicone we find in the local market. The handle is made out of strong nautical rope. The inner linings are detachable and made from simple ‘katsa’ material. The Fog Viajecito Beach Bag is a crowd’s favorite, simply because of the practicality of it and flexibility to be brought from the beach and even to the city. It’s something a mom on the go, an office lady and beach gal would love to have.

Huaraches are a type of Mexican sandal. Viajecito Huaraches are hand woven in Mexico and are 100% bovine leather. Each strip of leather is dyed in vegetable dye as to not be harmful to the environment. You might find your first pair of Huaraches a bit snug, because as you wear them, the pure leather will stretch out significantly to the shape of your foot, making them comfortable over time. Their best seller is the teal lace huaraches.

Ugarte is also excited to share their future plans and collaborations with other brands. “Part of our plan is to bring selected Philippine brands to Europe for a trunk show, but this may happen in 2018. What we are doing right now is planning a very exciting project with Beyond Borders Philippines to create something quite different to complement our products. Hopefully it will be received well. All I can say is that we will be using the Inabel in a different way, showing the versatility of the weaves. This new product will be sold at our first Pop Up event, on February 11,2017”, said Ugarte.

“We take things step by step. After we accomplish one goal, we move on to the next one. Our first, is to have a smooth running website which we will be launching this February. We also envision having a store in the region in the coming years. All we know is that wherever we end up, we want to keep having fun and being creative as while we get there.”

To order: +63 917 550 4826.